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The Fempiror Chronicles screenplays are displayed at the following sites:

Visit to find all of the Fempiror books on Amazon.

The Initiation of David is available for purchase on and CreateSpace.
Genesis of the Mutation is available for purchase on and CreateSpace.
The Hunt for the Razers is available for purchase on and CreateSpace.
The Elixir of Draculya is available for purchase on and CreateSpace.

Fempiror (pronounced fem-PEER-or) are a race created for a war in a country long forgotten. Like a science experiment gone awry, they share an incurable condition that gives them superior speed, strength, and lifespan, but sacrifices a life in the sun and a sense of normalcy with the rest of humanity.

The Fempiror stories originally existed in screenplay format, but I opted to rewrite them as novels, marking this series as one of few that were scripts before they were books. If you like the series, spread the word. There is nothing more valuable than word of mouth.

Click the Canon button at the top left to read the original screenplays, teleplays, and even the first couple of novels (for a limited time) online.

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The Hunt for the Razers
Latest News & Updates
In 1819, David has settled into the easy life of a Rastem warrior without a war to fight. When he and fellow Rastem Yori are sent on a mission that falls near David's old hometown of Hauginstown, he discovers that Hauginstown was destroyed at some point. Frantic for the truth, he heads to the closest town only to find a survivor that reveals that Hauginstown was attacked and razed to the ground by their Rastem's old adversaries, the Tepish. Yet, David does not understand why the Tepish would concern themselves with such an insignificant town. When this survivor further reveals that he knows where the current Tepish Fortress is located, David and Yori are immediately suspicious, though it still makes no sense for the Tepish to place someone to wait twenty years after the attack for David to show up. Convincing Yori and the Rastem Order that he can follow this lead objectively, David risks his future to discover the truth behind the razing of Hauginstown. Why did the Tepish do it? Who was behind it? And what was so special about David that they would leave someone behind just for him?
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The Fempiror Chronicles in its events, characters, history, language, peoples, and situations is owned by George Willson. © 2005-2014. All rights reserved. No part of these stories or the originating material may be used or adapted by any person or organization in regards to profit or sale without express permission from the author.